Cruisin’ Jocks

Buzz Corona

Buzz CoronaBuzz Corona here, Unofficial Mayor of Pueblo. Just joking!   Or am I….??!!  I’ve been doing radio for over 30 years! I know what you’re thinking: you must’ve started when you were 10!
Anyway, I started with KDZA Oldies here in Pueblo, and then went on for more Radio elsewhere, Denver, Florida, Austin,Texas but now it’s all come full circle and I’m baaaack, here where it all began, doing Oldies for You, my peeps in Pueblo; and I couldn’t be happier. Not only am I Operations Director for Pueblo Radio/SoCo Radio, but I also get to play all the Good Times and Great Oldies for your afternoons, from 4-7! Thank you Pueblo, for listening to Cruisin’ 100.3 FM and 690 AM!


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